Saint Tropez Yachting

With Saint Tropez Yachting you are assured of an exclusive and luxurious vacation in St. Tropez. We also offer these beautiful yachts together with the most beautiful and famous villas in Saint Tropez.

The luxurious standard of iBrokers Travels means that you can choose to be accompanied by staff and be sailed by an experienced captain that ables you to discover the most beautiful places of the coast of southern France! Just imagine yourself on a holiday in the Côte d’Azur, the fresh sea breeze, just the sound of the sails and a bottle of champagne to celebrate this moment of pure relaxation with your loved ones, family, colleagues or friends.

Look at our yachts to get inspired. If you have any questions we are happy to help you personally. Our staff is always ready to work together with you to make your vacation perfect. You can also enjoy the iBrokers Travels services in gorgeous summer locations Ibiza and – famous for its beach life and lasting sun – Miami. But also high on the slopes with iBookChalets, amongst others on the most exclusive pistes in the world with our local sites for Courchevel 1850 and Megève.

*The names of the yachts are changed for privacy reasons

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As a service we would like to work together with you to find the perfect yacht for your specific holiday needs. Please give us some information as to what you are looking for with this form and we will send you a personalized advice.
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  • - To fulfill your holiday or racing wishes as accurately as possible, we ask you to give us an estimated budget in advance. This way we can provide you with better service.


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